More elk on their way to Cameron Lake

The co-chair of the Northwestern Ontario Elk Restoration Committee is hoping it only will be a matter of days before word arrives that the next shipment of elk is ready to be picked up in Alberta and relocated to the site at Cameron Lake.
“I got a few calls over the holidays and they were not at all encouraging,” Mike Solomon admitted. “Apparently they are having some trouble getting the right ratio of elk captured.
“There is currently an over abundance of calves and not enough cows,” he added. “That is not something that we really want because the calves need to have the cows available to them.”
Still, Solomon stressed the status can change at any minute due to the unpredictability of the animals.
“They are wild animals and there is no guessing what they are going to do,” he noted. “Right now, we are burning up the phone lines to find out where we stand and what the current situation is.”
Much like last January, the NOERC is faced with the possibility of receiving a fragmented herd–something Solomon is hoping won’t be the case this time around.
“Last year we had a shortage of bulls,” he recalled. “We got our first shipment and there was only one bull in the entire herd. On Valentine’s Day, we got our second shipment and that was entirely made up of bulls.
“This year with the shortage of cows, we are looking at a similar situation,” he continued. “I am hoping that that won’t happen, though, because we do not want an abundance of calves with no supporting balance.”
With nothing left to do but wait, Solomon remains optimistic the elk will be in their new home at Cameron Lake (between Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows) by month’s end.
“I am expecting to know within a day or two,” he said. “They have captured a large group of elk and shipped them to Bancroft and we are the next ones on the list.
“This whole thing has been very nerve-racking, but we are all very anxious and looking forward to hearing when the new herd will be available,” Solomon added.