Mom’s artwork

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

Julie Lutz’s mother, Edith Renberg, died in 1985. Lutz is now making sure her mom’s legacy of sculpting and painting is remembered by submitting some of her creations to the Fine Line Art Gallery.

“She’d be pleased to know her work is on display,” said Lutz.

Lutz says Renberg was a self-taught painter and sculptor who had been doing art her whole life.

“Her imagination was beyond beyond,” she said. “There’s quite a variety.”

Renberg’s work is lots of lakes, scenery, and landscapes, along with tons of miniature sculptures.

Lutz says Renberg has 10 of these sculptures on display at the Fine Line Art Gallery.

She used to have a studio in her house, and people would come and visit her display of artwork. Lutz said her mom sold quite a few pieces there.

Lutz recalls her mom doing a painting, selling it, and then getting to go on a trip with her family.

She remembers her mother as a caring figure.

“She was very hospitable, kind, and would always look out for others,” she said.

Visit the Fine Line Art Gallery to see some of Renberg’s sculptures.