Moffat Fund choices still being finalized

The local Moffat Fund selection committee still is finalizing who among the 29 applicants will get a share of the $50,000 the town has been allotted this year.
“The recommendation isn’t complete. And the only reason is because some of the people didn’t have their charitable numbers in,” Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig said last week, adding these applicants have been contacted and asked to get those numbers as soon as possible.
But McCaig noted the choices definitely will be finalized prior to the Dec. 12 town council meeting, at which time council will approve them and forward them to the Winnipeg Foundation for final approval.
The deadline to do this is Dec. 15.
McCaig noted the town should hear back as to the foundation’s approval in the New Year, with the beneficiaries likely receiving their cheques in the spring.
McCaig said he felt choosing the applicants this time around was “pretty clear based on the criteria,” and the fact this was the second year for this particular Moffat Foundation committee working together.
The committee consists of McCaig, Mayor Dan Onichuk, Coun. Todd Hamilton, Linda Hamilton, Capt. Angel Sandoval, and Shelly Shute.
“Overall, the evaluation process went a little quicker than last year,” remarked McCaig. “But we’re not finished—like I say, some people still have to get those charitable numbers in.”
While he couldn’t name the applicants nor the projects they were looking to fund prior to the Winnipeg Foundation approving them and signing the cheques, McCaig did say there was a variety.
The 29 applications this year requested a total of $217,877.65 in funding.
“In most cases, they aren’t going to get the exact dollar amount they applied for,” said McCaig. “It’s our job as to how much they should be given. They come in high and we pare them down.”
As previously reported, the town once again was allotted $50,000 to give to local groups that benefit children, families, and the less advantaged. This is the fourth year it has received funding to do so.
In late September and early October, individuals and organizations were invited to submit their requests, which could run a maximum of four pages, or 1,500, words in length.
They also had to include a specific dollar amount and the rationale behind it (as well as charitable numbers for organizations).
A total of $50,000 was divided up between 12 local recipients this past March as the town disbursed money from the Moffat Family Fund on behalf of the Winnipeg Foundation.
They included Crime Stoppers, the local Salvation Army, Navy League (sponsor of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets), United Native Friendship Centre, 908 Rainy Lake Air Cadets, Sister Kennedy Seniors’ Centre, Eighth Street Trail Volunteers, and Bethel Baptist Church (AWANA Kids’ Club).
The others were Beta Sigma Phi (Alpha Upsilon chapter), J.W. Walker School Council, Fort Frances Meals on Wheels, and the Rendezvous Yacht Club.
A total of 32 local individuals and organizations filed their applications by last September’s deadline. Altogether, they requested a total of $361,019.84 in funding.
A dozen of those were chosen by the local Moffat Family Fund committee last October and then forwarded to the Winnipeg Foundation for final approval.