Moffat Fund applications have reached review stage


In the coming months, close to $100,000 will be doled out to various charitable initiatives and organizations through the town.

During the council meeting on Monday, Coun. Michael Behan said the Moffat Fund Committee will be meeting today (April 10) to discuss how to best allocate over $93,000 to the 20 applicants who submitted this year.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the committee and helping to distribute that money to these groups,” he remarked.

“It’s a real boon for these community groups that are working so hard to make Fort Frances a better place to live,” added Coun. Behan.

Also at the meeting, Coun. Behan said he attended his first Rainy River District Municipal Association (RRDMA) meeting in Alberton last Wednesday where the RRDMA executive recommended that the 2019 per capita levy remain at 85 cents.

This is unchanged from last year which is good news for Fort Frances, he noted.

Also during the RRDMA meeting, he expressed on behalf of town council, their sincere appreciation for the support they’ve received from the district in their fight to get the mill here operational again.

Coun. Behan, meanwhile, attended the launch of the Fort Frances Public Library’s 2019-2023 strategic plan on March 30.

“I just want to convey what a dedicated professional library CEO and staff we are fortunate to have here in Fort Frances as well as the previous and current board for its hard work and commitment to compiling this strategic plan,” he lauded.

“It has 75 objectives, of which several have already been achieved,” Coun. Behan added. “It truly is a document to help propel the library well into the 21st century.”

Meanwhile, Coun. Wendy Brunetta joined Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft at a doctor recruitment meeting on April 2.

“We were very pleased to hear that New Gold has pledged a donation of [$40,000] per year,” she said.

“It is something that will definitely help in our recruitment efforts and that amount of money is coming quarterly so it will definitely help with our contributions as well,” added Coun. Brunetta.