MNR puts out more fires


A rash of new blazes were reported over the weekend, but dozens of fires also were declared “out,” according to the MNR.
Infrared scanning continues on fires in the region and firefighters continue to dig out hot spots. There were 22 fires declared “out” on Saturday, and 11 fires declared “out” on Sunday.
New fires are being aggressively attacked if they are located near people or properties, and most are declared “out” within a day. If they occur in remote locations they will be monitored.
Red Lake District has reported several fires “out” over the weekend after aerial reconnaissance determined there was no activity on some fires. Sioux Lookout District will also be conducting aerial reconnaissance to assess a number of fires as possible candidates to declare “out.”
At the same time, there were 11 new fires confirmed in the West Fire Region by early evening yesterday, with the first reports coming in first thing in the morning, reported the Ministry of Natural Resources.
The fires occurred in the Districts of Dryden, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay.
On Saturday, there were 13 new forest fires reported by day’s end.
There are 52 active fires in the region as of this morning, and two Incident Management Teams continue to work on Red Lake Fire #124 and the South Bay Complex of Red Lake Fire #84 and Sioux Lookout Fires #61 and #64.
Meanwhile, out of province support continues to be provided to Ontario from Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan as well as from the U.S. state of Minnesota, for a total complement of 175 personnel.
Quebec is also providing two CL-415 heavy waterbomber aircraft. In total, Ontario is operating 11 heavy waterbombers, two Twin Otters and 53 helicopters.
Equipment is also being provided to Ontario from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, including pumps, hose, hand tools, tents, sprinkler kits and chainsaw kits.