MNR lifts Restricted Fire Zone

Effective at midnight last night, the Ministry of Natural Resources has lifted the Restricted Fire Zone previously imposed in northwestern Ontario.
Campfires for cooking and warmth are allowed now that the restrictions are lifted. However, some municipalities may still impose restrictions on burning. Forest fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility. If you light a campfire, keep it small and tend it with extreme care. Do not leave it unattended, and ensure it is completely extinguished before leaving.
The Ministry of Natural Resources thanks you for your cooperation during the recent Restricted Fire Zone.
Meanwhile, extensive lightning tracked across the southern sections of northwestern Ontario in recent days. As a result twelve new fires were reported in the West Fire Region by yesterday evening.
The fires occurred as follows: five in Kenora, four in Fort Frances, and one each in Nipigon, Dryden and Red Lake.
Though some rainfall provided a temporary reduction in the forest fire hazard a return to hot dry weather will quickly dry the forest and return the region to a high fire hazard situation.
Also, the Emergency Area Order (EAO) implemented over a week ago due to a large forest fire burning in Dryden District remains in effect.
Under it, access on, and use of, Winnange Lake, Teggau Lake, Rogers Lake, and the west arm of Eagle Lake is prohibited in order to ensure public safety and allow for effective fire suppression operations.
Exemptions, for access into the EAO area, may be authorized through a permit issued by Dryden District.
The EAO was put in place in order to ensure public safety and allow for effective fire suppression operations.
To report a wildfire in Northwestern Ontario, call 1-888-284-FIRE (3473).