MNR doing prescribed burns

the MNR

Two prescribed burns are scheduled for ignition in the West Fire Region over the next two days.
Fort Frances District is planning to ignite the Pekagoning Lake prescribed burn, located about 60 km northwest of Atikokan.
The project area is roughly 140 hectares in size and consists of two blocks—one on the mainland and the other on an island.
This is partially within the Turtle River-White Otter Lake Provincial Park.
Meanwhile, Red Lake District is planning to ignite the Odin Lake prescribed burn, located about 48 km north-northwest of Red Lake in the Valhalla region.
The project area is roughly 1,400 ha in size.
The main objective of the prescribed burning is research in storm-damaged forest fuels. However, an additional benefit of burning is hazard reduction.
To date this fire season in the West Fire Region, there have been 363 fires with an area burned of 9,605 ha.
Fort Frances Fire #43, located within Quetico Provincial Park, remains the only active fire in the region.
The 0.4-ha blaze is being monitored, rather than suppressed, in order to allow for ecosystem renewal.
A fire located along the Canada/U.S. border in the Fort Frances District was extinguished by FireRanger crews.
In other news, out-of-province resource support is wrapping up with the return of the final load of equipment from British Columbia scheduled for today (Oct. 15).
Residents planning to do brush or grass burning for fall clean-up are reminded that under the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario, there is no day-burning of these fires.
They are to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset and be out no later than two hours after sunrise.
People pursuing hunting and recreational activities in the forest areas are cautioned to manage their campfires carefully, keeping them small, attending them at all times, and making sure they are dead out before leaving the site.
To report a forest fire, call 310-FIRE (3473).