Mindfulness challenge to start Dec. 1


The Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) is challenging the public to be more mindful this December.

The NWHU’s “12 Days of a Mindful Holiday Challenge” runs from Dec. 1-12 and people can register online to take part: www.surveymonkey.com/r/NL9NKZS

Some of the suggested ideas to increase mindfulness over the holidays include making a holiday card, building a snowman, Christmas tree hunting, dancing to holiday music, and walking in the snow.

Other ideas include putting up Christmas lights outside, spending time with friends and family, or doing some holiday baking.

Those who participate in the challenge are asked to keep a log sheet where completed activities are recorded.

Log sheet’s can be found at the local NWHU building on 396 Scott Street or online at www.nwhu.on.ca

The log sheet is submitted to the NWHU by emailing hchant@nwhu.on.ca or dropping it off at the local office, by Dec. 17 which is the challenge’s deadline.

Those who register and log their mindfulness activities will have a chance to win prizes provided by the NWHU.

Mindfulness is an important part of healthy living, as it helps build resilience, and provide people with the ability to bounce back from life’s daily challenges.

Self-regulation and concentration can also be improved through mindfulness.

It helps individuals to become more aware of their thoughts, impulses to act, emotions, and body sensations, while promoting kindness and compassion.

Simply put, mindfulness is the act of recognizing what’s going on inside of us and what’s going on around us, in the present moment, without judgement.

It acts as a tool to help manage thoughts and emotions, notice more of what’s happening in a situation, and immerse ourselves in the present moment as it unfolds.

Being able to remain neutral when analyzing a situation can impact how we understand ourselves and the outside world.

Mindfulness can help to slow us down to give time and consideration into different options when confronted with a problem.

This gives people the freedom to choose a response, rather than reacting.

Overall, mindfulness can positively impact our thoughts, behaviours, and mental well-being.