Meeting to address training for loggers

The Ministry of Labour has been active in Rainy River District recently.
It has been conducting on-site inspections, as well as corresponding with forestry operators explaining training and certification requirements.
During on-site inspections, the ministry has been asking for proof of training. Failure to provide the required documentation could result in stop work orders being issued—if no attempt has been made to comply with the legislation.
As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations for Industrial Establishments, the ministry recently sent letters to all contractors/licensees involved in the logging/forestry sector.
The original cutter/skidder certification program is still in existence, but occasionally the ministry will encounter a worker in the forestry sector engaged in conventional logging—without having received either the cutter or skidder certification.
Any contractor/licensee engaged in conventional logging with workers felling trees with a chainsaw, and skidding with a cable skidder, must ensure the workers have received the training and are registered with the Ministry of Training, College and Universities.
The Mechanical Harvesting Equipment Operator program that came into effect in 2003 requires that all workers involved in mechanical harvesting, and operating feller bunchers, cut-to-length processors, grapple skidders, and chippers, receive the common core training and the applicable specialty module associated with the type of equipment they are required to operate.
The Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association has incorporated the MHEO program with the forestry gravel and sand pit operation certification program for those contractors who are building logging roads.
There will be a joint-meeting with both ministries, the OFSWA, and the Rainy River District Logging & Safety Committee on Friday, Oct. 21 to discuss the Occupational Health & Safety Act/Regulations and to facilitate registration with the MTCU.
The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at La Place Rendez-Vous here.