Meeting slated to plan reunion


A meeting will be held tomorrow (Nov. 17) to discuss the potential of an all-inclusive Town of Fort Frances reunion.
“We are planning an open reunion whether you lived, worked, played, attended school, or just drove through town and have a fond memory of this area,” said Dave Ashworth, the potential chair of the committee looking to put the event together.
This will be the fourth meeting held over the past few months, but Ashworth stressed they now need volunteers if they’re going to be move ahead with plans.
The group, which has seen as many as seven people attend, are looking to plan the reunion for the summer of 2013, possibly during the first week of July.
Ashworth noted Mark Kowalchuk, a co-chair and driving force behind the 1994 75th Anniversary and 2000 Millennium FFHS reunions, attend the most recent meeting held Oct. 13.
“He was a huge wealth of information and had some excellent recommendations,” Ashworth said, adding the group feels this reunion could be bigger than the previous two high school ones.
“We’re very excited about it,” he enthused.
The idea for a Fort Frances reunion came after former resident Al Beeber created a Facebook group called “You grew up in Fort Frances . . . if you remember.”
He started the page for what he thought would be an opportunity to talk about old times with a few friends from his Fort Frances days.
But the group has continued to grow and now sports 1,420 members.
Within the Facebook group, talk began of planning a reunion.
“But it’s a big undertaking,” warned Ashworth. “If you’re interested in making the 2013 reunion a reality, we still need more volunteers to attend these initial planing sessions.”
He added people are not obligated to join the committee by attending the upcoming meeting.
“Just come out to hear what we’re planning, offer some input, and see if you’re interested in helping out—no strings attached,” he remarked.
The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at La Place Rendez-Vous.