Meeting slated on Third Street work

Duane Hicks

removal part
of the plans
With the second phase of reconstruction set to begin on Third Street East next week, the public is welcome to attend a pre-construction meeting scheduled for tomorrow (April 12) at 7 p.m. at the Civic Centre.
After working on the 200 block last summer, primary contractor Wagner Construction Canada ULC and various local subcontractors will be doing the same on the next stretch of Third Street East—from Portage Avenue to Victoria.
The planned work includes installing new water and sewer lines, a new storm sewer system, and a new road, curbs, and sidewalks.
As reported back in January, these plans include tearing up the south sidewalk along the 300 block.
As noted in a report read at the Jan. 23 council meeting, that stretch of sidewalk has been earmarked “due to its substandard condition, its low frequency of use, the cost to reconstruct the sidewalk, and the maintenance cost to maintain the additional sidewalk.”
This is consistent with the town’s new official plan, and also consistent with its current practice for sidewalk removal and renewal.
The Third Street East project also includes upgrades to the north sidewalk between Portage and McKenzie.
That span of sidewalk was to be done as a local improvement, but was denied after property owners did not want to pay for it.
The town had planned last year to remove the north sidewalk on the 200 block of Third Street East, but changed its mind after being presented with a petition from upset residents.
Wagner Construction Canada ULC is scheduled to begin work April 18, with completion around the third week of June.
Representatives from Wagner Construction Canada ULC and the town’s engineering firm, Engineering Northwest Ltd., will be at tomorrow night’s meeting to answer any questions.