Meeting on sewer, water rates slated tonight

Town residents will have an opportunity tonight to voice their opinions on a proposed 10 percent hike in their sewer and water rates, retroactive to July 1.
Due to an increase in the cost of providing the service, both the residential and commercial sectors are slated to see the higher rates on their next bill.
“There’s an increase of 10 percent across the board,” treasurer Peggy Dupuis noted this morning.
If the fee schedule is passed, the flat residential water rate will rise from $28.92 per month to $31.81 per month—an increase of $2.89 per month.
Sewer rates will jump $2.55 per month, from $25.52 to $28.07.
Businesses that pay the flat commercial rate will see an increase of $3.81 on water rates and $3.36 on sewer rates.
The actual cost of the increase to most businesses will vary, though, because the sewer and water rates for many members of the commercial sector are calculated based on a metered system.
More information on the cost of providing sewer and water service, as well as the rationale for the rate increases, will be provided before residents have the chance to address council around 7:15 p.m.
Town CAO Mark McCaig noted the fees being discussed tonight are not the life-cycle fees, which have been a point of great debate over the past few months.
“This is just a normal increase,” McCaig said, adding council and administration still are examining the life-cycle rates.
Other items on the agenda for tonight’s council meeting include:
•a public hearing on the proposed re-zoning of the parcel at 306 Victoria Ave. from “general commercial” to “residential type three” to allow residential use;
•a request from the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care that council endorse a day of recognition for those who provide child care in the community;
•correspondence from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario on a recently-released water strategy report, COMRIF applications, and a move to waive municipal cost-sharing on the new child care program; and
•correspondence from the Manitoba Motor Transport Board on Greyhound Canada’s application to make changes to their scheduled service.
The committee of the whole will meet first starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Civic Centre.