McKillop running for Green Party here

Press Release

Green Party of Ontario candidate Ember McKillop has entered the June 7 election here in the Kenora-Rainy River riding.
“We’re so happy that Ember will carry the Green banner in the upcoming election,” GPO leader Mike Schreiner announced last Wednesday.
“Kenora-Rainy River deserves a hard-working and passionate champion for the issues that matter right here, right now,” he stressed.
“The Green Party’s Ember McKillop is the right candidate at the right time.”
“I’m thrilled to be running for the Green Party,” said McKillop. “We offer a better option for progressives from all parties who are tired of the status quo.
“I’m committed to engaging voters on important issues to our communities in Kenora-Rainy River,” she added.
“This is our home, and we have to make sure that we protect and grow it in the best way possible.
“I am running to make sure that we put people first,” McKillop continued.
“That the precious resources in the Kenora Rainy River Riding are protected.”
McKillop, who has lived in the Kenora-Rainy River riding for the past 15 years, is a Special Education resource teacher in Dryden.
She is a dedicated volunteer, community builder, and a strong supporter of the arts.
“I’m thrilled that Ember McKillop is joining the GPO team,” said Schreiner. “Ember’s passion and experience in the local community will make her a strong MPP.
“She will introduce an honest debate about issues that matter: protecting food and water, repairing our broken hydro system, and improving health care.”
McKillop ran in Kenora once before as a federal candidate in 2015.
The Green Party of Ontario believes in “People-Powered Change.”
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