McGuinty breaks co-gen promise: Hampton

NDP leader Howard Hampton said last week that though the McGuinty Liberals talk the big talk on co-generation and small-scale energy production, they have broken their promise—made two years ago—to hire a co-generation facilitator.
Hampton was responding to an announcement made last week by Energy minister Dwight Duncan that the McGuinty Liberals would encourage co-generation and small-scale green energy production.
“The McGuinty Liberals are in full pre-election mode,” Hampton charged. “They are making promises that they have already made and failed to keep.
“If the minister of energy was serious about co-generation, he would have appointed a co-generation facilitator like he promised back in 2005,” Hampton added.
Co-generation can significantly reduce costs for large industrial electricity users and result in operational efficiencies. It also can reduce energy demands.
But while the McGuinty Liberals have talked about co-generation, they have taken no action to encourage it—instead focusing on big nuclear projects to meet Ontario’s future energy needs.
“Despite the urgency of the situation in manufacturing and the crisis facing hard-working Ontario families, the McGuinty government still has not appointed a facilitator to look at co-generation in Ontario’s troubled manufacturing sector,” Hampton said.
“Clearly, real solutions to meet Ontario’s energy needs and to support our struggling manufacturing sector are not priorities for the McGuinty Liberals.
“Dalton McGuinty had time to give himself a $40,000 pay raise but has failed to keep his promises on co-generation,” Hampton remarked.