Mayor shares 2019 highlights

Sam Odrowski

As the new town council wraps up its first year serving the community, Mayor June Caul shared some highlights from 2019.

“This was a very busy and successful year,” she said.

One of the largest efforts undertaken by town council since taking office was its work to restart the idle mill here.

“We made many connections to try to see the mill sold, so that a wood operation could bring much needed jobs back to our town and district,” Mayor Caul noted.

“We lobbied government, Resolute Forest Products, and a new owner to ensure that a new company and business has all the opportunities to restart the mill.”

Despite the announcement by Rainy River Packaging, formerly known as Repap Resources, that they are withdrawing their interest from the property, Mayor Caul said there’s still lots of potential for the asset.

“As 2019 comes to an end, we continue to meet with potential buyers who wish to open some parts of the mill, and there are groups who are interested in purchasing other properties owned by the numbered company [Riversedge Developments],” she explained.

This year, the town also created positive relationships with the district’s First Nations communities and Agency One chiefs.

“We signed a declaration of intent and friendship on May 1st this year and are working towards reconciliation, completing terms of reference, rehabilitation of Point Park, and finalizing some previous litigation items,” Mayor Caul noted.

“I want to personally thank the residents of our First Nations neighbours for welcoming me so kindly during the ceremonies I’ve attended this year,” she added.

Mayor Caul said she’s also had the great privilege of attending and supporting many flag raisings, special activities, galas, and meetings since taking office.

“I’m honoured to represent the Town of Fort Frances and its citizens,” she enthused.

Mayor Caul said she’s also grateful to the town’s administrative staff for their guidance, friendship, and advice over the past year.

“You are always there to answer my questions, protect me, ensure that I have all the facts on every issue and make me the best I can be as your mayor,” she lauded.

“Thank you council for your hard work, dedication, and support during this first year as you helped me represent this community with meetings, events, other personal interest groups, and often having to make some difficult decisions,” Mayor Caul added.

“I feel very lucky to have this group of councillors by my side.”