Mason starts as Chamber manager

Heather Latter

Anthony Mason started his new position yesterday as the manager of the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce.
Mason, who had been living in Rainy River and working there as the economic development officer for the town, is taking over the reins from Dawn Booth who left the position in July after 11 years on the job.
“I worked for the Chamber in Rainy River for two years, but Fort Frances is a lot more involved in the business community and is a lot bigger,” he voiced, citing he knows it’s going to be a huge learning curve for him.
Mason has experience in many of the things he will be expected to do as the Fort Frances Chamber manager. In Rainy River, he planned the trade show and “Railroad Daze,” conducted a lot of research and brought forth new ideas for the community. Booth, in her role as Chamber manager, did plenty of planning as well, such as for the spring home and leisure show here, the “Quest for the Best” competition, and the annual business awards banquet.
“It’s a lot of the same things I’ve done, just on a bigger scale,” Mason noted.
“Dawn left the office well-oiled and running smoothly, so it won’t be hard to keep everything running smoothly,” he added. “And once I learn everything, I will be able to steer it in the direction I want to go.”
There are the workings of the office that Mason has to get used to, in addition to getting out and meeting the business owners, which he plans to do in the next few weeks.
“I have some ideas,” he stated. “But I want to get comfortable here first before I think about bringing those new ideas forward.”
Mason is excited to be working for the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce and is also happy to return to the town, having been away since 1997.
“I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and making new friends,” he stressed. “And getting to know the businesses and working for them. I plan to work hard and am looking towards the future.”