Marijuana found at Fort High

Police dogs were brought in to Fort Frances High School during second period yesterday morning in a random and “routine” search for drugs.
And the dogs didn’t disappoint.
“We had the dogs go through a couple of classrooms and sniff a few lockers,” said FFHS vice-principal Mary Hickling. “There were a couple of kids questioned, but I can’t say if anything came out of it.
“It’s just routine,” she explained.
“The OPP call us when they’re coming. We welcome them.” Hickling explained the routine search is conducted several times a year and is used to curb drug trafficking and use at the school.
Fort Frances OPP confirmed a search was conducted with the assistance of the OPP’s K-9 and drug enforcement units.
Police also confirmed a small quantity of marijuana was seized at the school but laid no charges in connection with the incident.
The OPP stressed the searches are aimed at fulfilling its commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for the students and staff of schools within Rainy River District.