March is ‘Red Cross Month’

The Town of Fort Frances has joined cities and townships across Ontario in proclaiming March as “Red Cross Month.”
The Red Cross serves more than 700 residents in the Fort Frances area with the help of more than 25 volunteers.
March is a chance to celebrate our work at home and abroad, and is a time for us to thank our many doctors, volunteers, and supporters.
“I am thrilled that the Town of Fort Frances has proclaimed March as ‘Red Cross Month,’” said Red Cross district branch manager Shana Hansson.
“We truly value the relationship we have with Fort Frances and its residents.
“‘Red Cross Month’ is a time for us to say thank you to our many supporters and to remind people that we’re here when help is needed,” she added.
The Red Cross responds to thousands of disasters across Canada each year, ranging from house fires to floods and tornadoes.
In addition to its disaster management program, the Red Cross also offers many program and services across the country—from first aid and water safety to “Meals on Wheels” and abuse prevention education.
Here in Fort Frances, the Red Cross offers three different programs to meet the needs of the community.
Citizens of Fort Frances can make a difference by making a donation or by contacting their local Red Cross offices to learn about volunteer opportunities.
The phone number for the Dryden and district branch is 1-807-223-4751.
Or visit to learn more about “Red Cross Month” and how the Red Cross makes a difference in your community.
The Canadian Red Cross is a non-profit, volunteer-based humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the situation of the most vulnerable in Canada and throughout the world.
It has served Canadians since 1896—providing disaster preparedness and response, injury prevention, and community health and care.