Man walking across Canada on ‘Pro-Life’ pilgrimage

Andrew Fournier has walked almost halfway across the country on a “pilgrimage for life.” This past weekend, he made a stop in Fort Frances to share his message with young people at a youth retreat at St. Mary’s Church.
Beginning his walk in North Sydney, Cape Breton on March 1 of last year, the Waba, Ont. native became inspired to spread a positive message to the young people of Canada when an incident in his own life made him question his own beliefs.
“A girlfriend that I had told me she was pregnant,” he explained. “My first thought was ‘Get an abortion.’ I felt so humiliated because I had always spoken out against abortion.”
After putting things into perspective, the 21-year-old decided it was time he walked the talk.
Stopping at communities along the way, Fournier has been tailoring his talks to his audience, discussing everything from pro-life issues and spiritual warfare to teenage abstinence.
Mary (who asked only to be referred to by her first name) came out to listen to Fournier on Saturday in hopes he would be able to shed some light on her current situation.
“I recently found out that I am pregnant and I have been wondering what to do,” she confessed. “I did consider abortion but I have been having a lot of second thoughts.”
After hearing Fournier speak in her hometown of Thunder Bay, Mary decided to make the trip to Fort Frances to once more listen to the words that have inspired her to take a different path.
“I had a chance to hear him talk when he was in Thunder Bay in May,” she noted. “After I heard him talk, I felt very inspired. He has a really great way of getting his message across.
“When I heard him, I decided that I had to try and change my life,” she added. “Up until now, I have not been living the best life I could. Now that I have heard Andrew and what he has gone through, I am ready to make some changes.”
Though his talks are inspiring, Fournier admitted he often does not remember what it is he’s said that has so many people talking.
“I don’t remember what I [talk] about,” he remarked. “I always pray before I speak [and then] let the spirit lead me.”
Hoping to end his walk in Vancouver, Fournier is taking his time–and leaving his fate in God’s hands.
“I am letting God determine the pace of this pilgrimage,” he said. “My walk will be complete whenever I get there.”