Man seeking twin brother

“Please . . . help me find my twin.”
The plea comes from “Tom,” 59, who recently discovered he was separated at birth from his twin brother–a brother he believes might be living in Rainy River District.
“Tom” said he first learned he may have a twin living in the area back in the mid to late 1950s but added he just shrugged it off at the time. It wasn’t until later in life that he discovered it was true.
“Tom” did not want his real name used in order to protect his family’s privacy. But he did release his picture, one of him now and one of him circa 1965, along with some other information:
•he and his twin were born in Sudbury on Nov. 4, 1938;
•his twin probably would be around 5’9”, with a slight to medium build (around 165 pounds); and
•likely to have blue eyes.
People who may know the whereabouts of this person can write to “Tom” at Box ‘G’ c/o the Fort Frances Times, P.O. Box 339, Fort Frances, ON, P9A 3M7.