Make informed decision when voting: NHU

Press Release

With municipal elections approaching across the region, the Northwestern Health Unit is encouraging local residents to learn about and discuss public health issues that affect our communities.
The health unit has launched a campaign asking people to “Get Informed, Be Heard, and Vote,” which aims to help the public have conversations with local candidates or other voters to make an informed decision at the ballot box.
“We hope voters make an informed decision based on which candidates reflect their views on issues which are important to them,” said Dr. Kit Young-Hoon, the Northwestern Health Unit’s medical officer of health.
“One way to learn this is by talking with candidates and participating in meetings or debates happening in your area,” she noted.
Using local data, the health unit’s campaign focuses on key healthy public policy issues such as alcohol use, cannabis use, smoke-free spaces, and poverty.
“Local politicians can make a difference in the health of residents by supporting healthy public policy, which can impact socio-economic and environmental conditions, and improve overall health,” Dr. Young-Hoon said.
The campaign also highlights the importance of voting in municipal elections.
It urges the public to be aware of their community’s voting method and to make plans to vote on election day (Oct. 22).
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