‘Luncheon of Hope’ planned next month

Usually, pain is not a symptom of breast cancer, making breast health awareness all the more important for women.
In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Rainy River District Breast Health Network will host its third “Luncheon of Hope” on Oct. 23.
Slated for 11:30 a.m. at La Place Rendez-Vous, the biennial event will feature keynote speaker June Keddie of Fort Frances. She had a lumpectomy and underwent radiation treatments four years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
“A lot of people know her [and] it’s easier to hit home [with awareness] that way,” reasoned Sue Danku, who is co-chairing the “Luncheon of Hope” with Karen Egan.
“Local stories are just as heartwarming and humorous and June Keddie can fit that bill,” noted Egan, a medical radiation technologist of radiography at La Verendrye hospital.
Some displays dealing with breast health also will be on hand at the luncheon, including a set of X-rays showing the difference between healthy breast tissue and one with cancer.
“A lot of women are interested to know what a cancerous [breast] looks like,” said Egan.
“And a lot of women think breast cancer jumps out and says, ‘Here I am,’” she added. “Even to the trained professional, it is often a discrete and minute change in [breast tissue].
“It certainly speaks to how important an annual mammogram is and self-breast exams,” Egan stressed.
Egan also said they’re hoping the displays will prompt women to be more willing to talk about breast cancer.
Tickets for the “Luncheon of Hope” will cost $20 each, and should be on sale within a few weeks. Proceeds will be used locally to further breast cancer awareness.