Loving pair looking for a home

Their names are Bonnie and Clyde, but rather than rob a bank, this dynamic duo is more likely to steal your heart.
Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of young cats who are looking for a home. There are, in fact, many cats and dogs in the district who need a loving, stable home, but Bonnie and Clyde have a special story.
The pair were rescued last November on Eighth Street where they were found in a cardboard box, reeking of diesel fuel and nearly frozen.
Their whiskers had been singed off, and Clyde had a gash on his leg. He also lost the tips of his ears and tail to frostbite.
“He may have been sheltering her [Bonnie]. He took the brunt of the frostbite,” said Kim Redford, who adopted the pair from Fort Frances Friends of Animals last February.
Redford said she and her husband Paul, adopted the kittens as a birthday present for their three-year-old daughter, Angie. But the gift turned out to be dangerous to Paul’s health.
“It turns out my husband is quite allergic,” she explained.
Having never lived in close quarters with cats or dogs before, he was unaware of his allergies until Bonnie and Clyde were brought into the house.
But Paul suffered beyond the regular runny nose and watery eyes associated with allergies. He developed strep throat and has begun developing symptoms of asthma. “His immune system is that low,” Redford said.
As a result, the family has decided to put their dearly-loved cats up for adoption.
“We’re all very sad about it. It’s taken me 30 years to find cats this good,” she said.
“I’ve had cats all my life and have never had more loving, adorable cats,” she continued, noting they have endless patience for constant cuddling from Angie.
Despite their difficult beginnings, Bonnie and Clyde are healthy and well-adjusted.
“They came out of it OK. They’re healthy and have had all their shots. They’re not afraid of people,” Redford noted.
“They’re very, very friendly. They don’t make strange. They let my three-year-old maul them,” she laughed.
When initially looking for a cat, the couple had never considered getting more than one.
“We didn’t want two,” she explained. “We just took them because they’re that loving with each other. They’ve never known anything else. We couldn’t bear to separate them.”
As it turns out, having two cats has been much less difficult than she imagined.
“It was no more trouble to have two than it was to have one. There’s a little bit more litter clean up,” Redford explained, as well as the cost of additional food.
But the cats were less likely to be lonely or get into trouble because they had each other for company, she explained. And of course, there’s double the love.
“What you gained really outweighed what you were putting out in terms of litter or food,” she said.
Bonnie is a small calico, while Clyde is a large, solid black cat. Both are about 10-11 months old.
Bonnie and Clyde are declawed, and so should be kept indoors. They are healthy and eat regular cat food.
“They’re not at all finicky or high-maintenance,” she said. “They’ve been used to kids their whole lives. They’d be perfect for a family with kids.”
The decision to give them up has been a difficult one for the Redford family.
“It’s a hard choice. My daughter’s so sad,” Redford said.
Angie even made a special request during family prayers recently.
“She asked Jesus to bring her kitties back. I think my husband cried,” she said. “Whoever takes these cats will be very lucky.”
Anyone interested in adopting Bonnie and Clyde are asked to contact Friends of Animals at 274-2144.