Loveday crowned fair queen

Samantha Loveday used to dream of being a queen. Last Thursday night, that dream came true as she was crowned the 2006 Emo Fair queen.
“I used to come to the fair and see the contestants wearing their crowns,” the Fort Frances resident remarked. “I looked up to them and always wanted to be one.”
The crowning ceremony, which took place upstairs at the Emo-La Vallee Community Centre after the entertainment portion of the pageant, saw last year’s queen, Kayla Lauzon, First Princess Sierra Woolsey, and Second Princess Ashley Nordin passing on their titles.
“I’ve shared a lot of great memories with a lot of great people over the past year,” Lauzon enthused. “I had a wonderful year.”
She also reminded each of the four contestants to live their dreams and to believe in themselves.
Ashley Jewett of Stratton was named this year’s First Princess while Alyssa Vanderaa of Fort Frances accepted the title of Second Princess.
Brittany Galusha was named “Miss Congeniality.”
“It’s amazing,” Loveday enthused as she hugged and greeted well-wishers after the crowning. “I had no idea I was going to win. There was a lot of tough competition, but it was also lots of fun.”
The girls competed in five categories (banners, floats, interviews, talent, and a fashion show), with Loveday placed first in each of these, including a tie with Jewett in the banners event.
And each sold all 300 of their promotional buttons.
For her entertainment, Loveday staged a musical number from “The Polar Express,” complete with some gymnastic-style moves.
Jewett sang an a cappella rendition of Jamie O’Neal’s “Somebody’s Hero,” Vanderaa performed a dance sequence to Kelly Clarkson’s “Addicted,” and Galusha sang a country tune.
Local performers, such as Brittany Hayes, Kenneth Kellar, Jessica Whalen, and Katelyn Shortreed, filled in between each act. Emcee Robin McCormick also offer some jokes and entertainment.
Co-organizers Sis and Trisha Wilson, both former fair queens themselves, noted this year’s pageant went smoothly.
“It went really well!” Sis Wilson exclaimed. “I couldn’t have asked it to go better. It was a busy summer, but good.”
She plans to help out again next year, but stressed more contestants are needed.
“It’s more fun with more competitors and if there are more than four, there’s not just one person being left out [when the crowns are awarded],” she added.
Trisha Wilson said Loveday will have a busy year ahead.
“She’ll have to attend parades and big community events in the district,” she noted, though saying it’s not about stealing the spotlight at these events but becoming involved in the community.
And, of course, all the contestants took home a range of wonderful prizes.
The various category winners were:
•Dorothy Bonot Award—Ashley Jewett
•Miss Congeniality—Brittany Galusha
•Banners—1. Samantha Loveday/Ashley Jewett (tie) 2. Alyssa Vanderaa 3. Brittany Galusha
•Interviews—1. Samantha Loveday 2. Alyssa Vanderaa 3. Brittany Galusha/Ashley Jewett (tie)
•Fashion Show—1. Samantha Loveday 2. Brittany Galusha 3. Alyssa Vanderaa
•Floats—1. Samantha Loveday 2. Ashley Jewett 3. Alyssa Vanderaa
•Entertainment—1. Samantha Loveday 2. Ashley Jewett 3. Alyssa Vanderaa
In related news, Malikai Morrisseau and Telia McFarland were named the Mini-King and Queen on Saturday afternoon on the small stage. Four boys and seven girls from the district competed for the titles.