Lopez to bring Latin heat here

He’s what some might call the fastest guitar player in North America.
Oscar Lopez will be appearing at La Place Rendez-Vous tomorrow at 8 p.m. as a “tour de Fort” special concert attraction, sponsored by Rainy Lake Realty.
Lopez played in Fort Frances once before, with folk singer James Keelaghan, but this is the first time he will star here on his own ticket.
And although he’ll appear as part of an acoustic trio, “tour de Fort” president Dr. Ted Jablonski said the music will be “all Oscar’s.”
“He’s a real showman,” he said. “He plays flamenco–it’s a fast-picking style, very passionate, very fiery, emotional.
“It’s very entertaining.”
Dr. Jablonski said “tour de Fort” sort of “lucked out” in getting Lopez since he was passing through the area as part of a cross-country tour. He described Lopez’s music as easy listening, and definitely not what most people here are used to.
“People will have to come in with an open mind but he should have fairly broad appeal,” he remarked.
Although he isn’t as well-known here, Lopez, based out of Calgary, is riding a reputation that’s skyrocketing in the west.
“He’s such a phenomenal player,” Dr. Jablonski remarked, adding Lopez is the only Calgary artist who has been able to sell out the city’s largest auditorium.
While Lopez’s music is mostly instrumental, Dr. Jablonski noted the guitarist also does a bit of singing. But what really sells the show is his strong stage presence.
“It’s not just [Lopez] playing a guitar,” he said. “He’s really funny. With this kind of music, you have to be a real showy entertainer.”
Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, with a cash bar and mix-and-mingle before the show. Tickets, which cost $15 each, are available at the Rendez-Vous.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jablonski said “tour de Fort” is trying to stay in style with Lopez’s music and move away from the concert in a gym atmosphere.
“We hope it would more like a cabaret-style show,” he said. “If people want to dance, there’ll be room. It will be very informal.”