Look out for counterfeit money: OPP

The Atikokan detachment of the Ontario Provincial police is currently investigating $100 bills that are in circulation in Atikokan.
Police are encouraging the public to carefully examine $100 bills that come into their possession and pay attention for key security devices featured on a genuine bank note.
A genuine bill will contain an Optical Security Device that changes colour from gold to green when tilted. Also, look for planchettes or small green dots that appear randomly on both sides of the note and glow under ultraviolet light.
Legitimate bills also have clear, sharp images and printing. The ink used on the numerals, portrait, coat of arms, broadbands and vignette of the Parliament Buildings feel thicker to touch.
If you suspect that you are in possession of a counterfeit bank note, call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.
It is also helpful to provide the police with any information, description or identification about the person who gave the note or the source it was received from.
In related news, officers from the Fort Frances detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind residents to be vigilant in securing their residences and outbuildings in an effort to prevent property crimes.
It is also recommended that homeowners install a motion sensing light to buildings situated near alleyways to deter thieves. Whether you are at home or traveling, always be sure to lock your vehicle and remove any valuables. Remember don’t make your property an easy target for criminals because it is left insecure.
The OPP would also like to remind drivers that “Stop On Red Week” is running Sunday through tomorrow (Aug. 6-12). The goal of the program is to reestablish respect for traffic signals to enhance the safety of drivers and pedestrians in communities.
A driver charged with failing to stop for a red light is liable to a $150 set fine and the accumulation of three demerit points on their license.