Locals head to warm beaches

The bitter cold and heavy snowfall last month drove many local residents to visit their travel agent to plan a winter escape to warmer climes.
“It was extraordinarily busy,” said Pat Herr of International Travel Services on Scott Street. “We’re starting to wind down now.”
Cuba and Cancun/the Mayan Riviera were the top two destinations this year, she noted. Other popular vacation spots included Puerto Vallarta, Mex. and the Dominican Republic, although the latter was less popular than in past years.
Herr said that likely was due to recent scares in the media about possible malaria and Norwalk virus outbreaks on the island.
Some of the furthest destinations requested included Portugal and Spain.
While some people opted for cruises, Herr said packages at all-inclusive resorts were the biggest seller, by far.
“We had a good winter season,” she remarked, attributing it to the good exchange rate and the cool summer.
“People started booking in August for this winter,” she noted.
But anyone still thinking about getting away this winter may be disappointed.
“There’s not much left out there. A seat here and a seat there,” Herr said.