Locally-made movie set to make premiere

“The Show,” a mockumentary written, directed, and produced by local resident Andrew George, is set to premiere at Cine 5 Theatre in International Falls, Mn. at midnight on Dec. 27.
The 42-minute movie illustrates small-town life and its effect on the high school population by following 20-year-old student George for a day in his hometown of Fort Frances.
From a tough day of classes, a high school battle of the bands, and a field party, the movie shows George at an academic and social crossroads in life.
“It will show people from outside the area what it’s like growing up in a small town—it’s different from growing up in a city,” George noted about the mockumentary.
With an interest in movies and a story to tell, George began writing several movie outlines in 2005. Then last February, he held auditions to cast the production.
Local students, including Jenna Novak, Melissa Scott, Brittany Martel, Drew Donald, Jared Anderson, Maverick Judson, Brok Homz (Wade Friesen), and Josh Wilson, jumped on board as the actors for George’s project.
Former film school student and local resident Rob Galloway joined the crew as the director of photography while Sandeep Sidhu became the creative consultant and Jessica George the assistant director.
After studying plenty of mockumentaries and finalizing the script, Andrew George, along with the cast and crew, spent 60 hours—on weekends and after school—shooting the scenes.
“It was a lot of work,” George admitted. “There was so much time put into it.”
He indicated there were some tricky, two-camera shots, but the cast was helpful by adding some improvisation and coming up with ideas.
Once all the shooting was complete, George spent about six months editing the mockumentary and now it is ready for its on-screen debut.
“It worked out. It’s what I expected,” he remarked, though admitting the movie-making process was a bit challenging with no budget and limited time and knowledge.
“The best way to learn how to shoot a movie is to just get out there and do it. The whole process was a learning experience,” George said. “This mockumentary has lots of Band-Aids and there are decisions I made that I won’t make again.
“But I don’t think people will notice.”
George stressed although he feels the movie has a timeless theme, the content might not be appreciated by all audiences.
“It’s real. It might turn some people off because it really shows what high school life is like,” he noted. “I didn’t make any of it up. Everything in it has either happened to me or people I know.”
He said those aged 18-25 probably will enjoy it the most since they will have just come from high school and will be able to relate to it.
“It’s a little controversial and the language is controversial,” he warned, adding he hopes people come with an open mind. “It’s raw, vulgar, and low-budget.”
And although the mockumentary pokes fun at small towns, such as Fort Frances, George stressed he feels there’s nothing wrong with growing up in Rainy River District.
“I love it here. I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t like it here,” he reasoned.
George is expecting a good turnout for the premiere of “The Show” after getting several recent requests for tickets.
Tickets can be purchased in advance at Dark Haven (335 Scott St.) or from any member of the cast and crew. The cost is $5 and you receive a custom “The Show” shot glass, which you must present as admission on Dec. 27.
The remaining tickets will be sold at the door, along with “The Show” T-shirts stylized with classic one-liners.
George hopes following the premiere, “The Show” will be distributed by the Winnipeg Film Group, which would get it playing at film festivals. He also would like to make the mockumentary into a feature film.
In addition, he has another project in mind for the future—a serious documentary focused on Canada’s views of aboriginal people. And he will continue to work on projects through his new business, All Good Projects.
For tickets to “The Show” or for more information, contact George at andrew@allgoodprojects.com or visit his website at www.allgoodprojects.com