Local woman receives heart transplant

Susan Martin of Fort Frances, the daughter of Ken and Madeline Martin, successfully underwent heart transplant surgery Tuesday in Ottawa.
Madeline Martin said Friday morning her daughter is in the early stages of recovery at Ottawa Hospital with her son, Jason, by her side.
“She had a setback yesterday [Thursday], but she’s coming along pretty good. She’s doing better today,” added Madeline Martin, noting doctors are doing an evaluation on her to move her from the initial to the second stage of recovery.
“She’s doing as well as can be expected,” her mom remarked. “We’re relieved but scared. It’s crucial right now that everything goes as [the doctors have] planned.”
Martin said her daughter will be in hospital for three months.
“That’s the normal stay, as long as everything goes fine, and so far, so good. She’s right on schedule,” she noted.
The Martins will be heading to Ottawa on Wednesday (March 1) to visit their daughter for a couple of weeks.
While Susan Martin has had heart problems since she was a child, it only was diagnosed back on Oct. 9 that she would need a heart transplant.
She first was contacted Jan. 4 and told a suitable organ had been located, but she could not travel to Ottawa at that time due to the freezing rain coming down here.
Shortly thereafter, the organ no longer was available for the operation.
When that opportunity had passed, Martin was contacted this past Monday and told another heart had been found and she should undergo surgery as soon as possible.
Martin was taken via air ambulance from here early Tuesday, and in hospital for her surgery by that afternoon.
“They sure had a wonderful team on there,” said Martin’s mother.
She also noted that if anyone wants to help out financially, they should make a donation to the “Community Chest.”
“They’ve been helping us. They’ve been wonderful,” she remarked. “They’re the best thing that’s ever happened to this town.”
To make a donation to the “Community Chest,” call Linda Hamilton (274-3221).