Local water safe for lead

Recent testing on drinking water in Fort Frances shows there is little to no lead in it.
Of the 25 samples taken, only three showed any lead content—and all three were well below the provincial standard.
Last month, the Ministry of Environment urged municipalities to test lead levels in taps in homes that may have lead service pipes after high levels were found in London, Ont.
The samples were taken May 29 and May 30. Five were taken from hydrants and 20 from taps.
A 500 ml sample was collected after letting the tap water run for five minutes.
The provincial standard for lead content in tap water is 10 µg/L.
This is the equivalent to 10 pounds of lead in a billion pounds of water, explained Doug Brown, operations and facilities manager for the Town of Fort Frances.
The highest of the three samples in town came in at 1.76 µg/L—well below the provincial standard. The other two showed 1.34 µg/L and 1.35 µg/L.
Yesterday the province announced an action plan aimed at reducing the potential levels of lead intake, especially for pregnant women and children aged six and under.
Under the plan, schools and day cares now must test for lead annually, and any of these facilities built before 1990 must flush their systems daily rather weekly as is done now.