Local volunteers honoured

A total of 29 local volunteers were given Ontario Volunteer Service Awards during a ceremony last night in Atikokan.
Ray Armit, Doug Cain, and Donna Law were recognized for 10 years of continuous service with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship while Ron Erb and Diane Maxey were applauded for their five years with the FFCBC.
Delsie Cumming, Barbara Marr, Evelyn Metke, Edith Newman, James Ryan, and Mike Solomon were recognized for 10 years of service with the Fort Frances Public Library.
Tannis Drysdale and Kelly Spicer was recognized for 10 years of service with the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce while Christine Denby, Jane Gillon, Gary Rogozinski, and Alan Tibbetts were honoured for five years.
Meanwhile, John Lepine, Bob MacDonald, Joanne MacDonald, Carol MacLean, Frank Wepruk, and Lynn Wepruk were honoured for their 15 years of service with the Halkirk Fire Protection Team.
Harry Jones was recognized for his 25 years with the Fort Frances Kiwanis Club while fellow Kiwanians Sam Arbucke and Stan Wepruk were honoured for 40 years with the service club.
And Dr. Robert Lidkea, Gordon McTaggart, and Bruce Murray were recognized for their 50-plus years with the Fort Frances Kiwanis Club.
The Volunteer Service Awards are a way for the Ontario government to recognize the millions of Ontarians who volunteer.
By submitting a nomination, individuals and organizations can help ensure that Ontario’s volunteers receive the recognition they deserve.
The Volunteer Service Awards recognize volunteers for their continuous years of commitment and service to an organization.
Youth volunteers (under the age of 24) are recognized for two or more years of continuous service. Adults are recognized for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or more years of continuous service.
In recognition of exceptionally long-term commitment, a Volunteer Service Award for 60 years and over has been introduced.
The Volunteer Service Awards are presented to individuals who contribute consecutive years of service to an organization within Ontario, and whose work is characterized by the following:
•volunteer time given to the same group on an ongoing and active basis (membership alone is not a qualification for recognition); and
•volunteer services are performed outside the normal course of professional or business duties.
Organizations that have been in existence for a minimum of five years may complete a nomination. Each organization may nominate up to seven volunteers, and at least one of the volunteers must be a youth.
Organizations nominating only adults are limited to six nominees.
Nominators must attest to the accuracy of the information provided for each volunteer by signing a certification clause on the nomination form for this program.
Volunteer Service Award recipients are presented with stylized trillium pins and personalized certificates at special ceremonies held across the province.
Pins and certificates each correspond to the length of service being recognized.
Recipients receive an invitation to attend the ceremony with one guest. Each organization making a nomination also is invited to have two representatives attend.