Local Tories cheer majority

Peggy Revell

New Democrats weren’t the only ones celebrating in Thunder Bay-Rainy River on Monday night as local Conservatives heralded in a much sought after majority government under Stephen Harper.
More than two dozen party supporters came out to Maureen (“Moe”) Comuzzi-Stehmann’s campaign office at the Arthur Street Marketplace in Thunder Bay to watch the election results roll in from across the country.
Cheers erupted as the Conservatives’ surpassed the 155 seats needed to secure a majority.
And applause followed when Conservative candidates were confirmed to be heading to Ottawa, including Greg Rickford in Kenora riding—one of the few blue seats in a sea of NDP orange across
Northwestern Ontario.
“We did terrific,” Comuzzi-Stehmann said about her hard-working campaign team and district voters who bumped her into a second-place finish behind NDP incumbent John Rafferty—up from past elections where the Conservatives have finished in third locally.
“[Our supporters] deserve a round of applause,” she stressed. “We ran hard and obviously we’re nipping at the heels, and I’m very proud of them.
“I’m very proud of the whole team.
“Most importantly, our leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, got what he deserved—he got his majority,” Comuzzi-Stehmann added.
“He’s a proven leader with a proven record, and Canadians should feel safe with Mr. Harper behind them,” she remarked.
While she won’t be heading to Ottawa this time around, Comuzzi-Stehmann vowed that the riding has not seen the last of her—with her eyes already set on this seat when the next election rolls around in four years.