Local teen eager for new adventure

Nineteen-year-old Samantha Manty is one of nine Canadians who are bound for Brazil and Quebec as part of the Canada World Youth program.
Manty and the other youths will volunteer their time in host communities assisting with environmental, social, and educational projects.
The program consists of two three-month phases: one in Canada and one in an overseas country in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Central and Eastern Europe.
Manty said she first learned of the program back in high school from her guidance counsellor and it was the program’s structure that initially grabbed her attention.
“The reason I chose this program was because not only are we helping out in an unfortunate country, we get to give back to our own, as well,” Manty enthused.
She learned she had been selected as a volunteer for the program just two weeks ago and ever since has been planning for her departure June 25 ever since.
As part of her preparations for the venture, Manty is responsible for raising $2,100 to help cover costs.
Upon her arrival in Brazil, Manty will be paired with a girl, who is fluent in Portuguese and will help her adjust to the culture.
Although the culture is vastly different than what Manty is used to, it is something she says she intends to embrace.
“I’m really excited that everything will be so different. Learning Portuguese will be exciting and challenging,” she remarked. “I’ve bought books and tapes to help me before I leave.”
Manty doesn’t know yet where she will be living or what her responsibilities will be, but to her it doesn’t matter because she says she’s there to help and gain experience from it.
“I want people to know that I’m not going on a vacation,” she stressed. “I don’t know what my living situation will be like, but I’m going there to help out and work.
“I’ve realized how fortunate we are to live in Canada,” she added. “We have clothes, water, electricity, and food.
“I just want to make a difference.”
This will be Manty’s first big adventure on her own, as well as her first plane ride, but she says she isn’t concerned. Rather, it’s the vaccination needles that make her nervous.
“I’ve never been away from home but it doesn’t scare me,” she noted. “I’m hoping I’ll be so excited about what I’m doing that it won’t bug me.
“It’s the needles that make me nervous, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ll take a friend to hold my hand and get me through it.”
After six months of service, Manty will return home Dec. 20 for a short stay with her family. Then she will join other Canadian youths for nine months with “Katimavik.”
Katimavik is a Canadian youth program which places volunteers in three different provinces with three different projects over a nine-month period.
Manty hopes her experiences through volunteering will help her to find a career path.
“I want to get experience in as much as possible and maybe it will help me choose a career,” she reasoned.
The first of several fundraising events—a garage sale—will be held Saturday, May 12 at 1455 Colonization Rd. W.
They still are looking for any donations for the sale and will pick up anything people are looking to get rid of.
If you would like to donate, contact Manty at 275-7475.