Local Sears outlet to expand

The local Sears outlet will soon join some 100 others across Canada as a dealer store.
And with that comes plans to expand the retail space here to include the front portion of the Scott Street building which formerly housed Wood’s Sewing Centre.
Within the next few weeks, the front west side of the Sears store will be knocked out and an additional roof constructed to join the two buildings together.
“We have 1,300 sq. ft. that we now use for retail and we’re going to have 3,000 sq. ft.,” owner/agent Roberta Oliver noted Monday. “The new roof will eliminate any water [runoff] problems that may have resulted.”
The new Sears store will carry a full line of appliances, electronics, and lawn and garden products.
“We’re going to make [the store] one-stop shopping,” said Oliver, who could not confirm an exact date when the expansion project would be completed.
Oliver said Sears head office decided to expand the store here into a dealership based on market size and how it was doing in terms of sales.
“We’ve managed to increase sales here 50 percent over last year,” she noted.
Once the dealership is in full swing, Oliver’s job title will change to dealer/owner.