Local residents excited about royal wedding

Heather Latter

You don’t have to be in England to be afflicted with “Royal Wedding Fever.”
Many people here in Rainy River District will be tuning into the royal nuptials this Friday—despite the ceremony being in the wee hours of the morning on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.
Monica Armour has had the day booked off from work since the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton was announced.
“I just think they are a great family,” she enthused. “The Queen is a symbol, to me, of Canada and everything that goes along with her.”
Armour remembers watching the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles on television back in 1981, and she’s even met members of the Royal Family while she was living in New Brunswick in the early 1980s.
She has a collection of royal memorabilia as well as an Avon replica of the sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring worn by both Diana and Kate.
“One day I’ll have a real one,” she remarked.
But until then, Armour is anxiously waiting to watch the royal wedding. She’s been following all the TV coverage leading up to the event, watching the history of the young couple and speculation about the big day.
“I’m wondering what the dress is going to be like, who the designer is going to be,” she noted.
“And looking to see who is wearing what.”
Armour has yet to decide which station she’ll watch because she doesn’t want to “channel hop” and miss a second of the event.
When people ask her if she’d like to be in London for the wedding, she says she’d rather be at home with her “front row seat” by the television, where she’ll have a much better view of all the happenings.
Janis Flewelling also is excited for the big day when Prince William will marry the middle-class girl from Berkshire, England.
“I can’t wait to see what her dress will look like,” she remarked, saying she’s been following all the “Royal Wedding Week” coverage on TLC.
While Flewelling has to work on Friday, she hopes to catch some of the wedding on TV before she leaves. Then she’ll have her eyes glued to the tube to catch all the re-runs when she gets home later that day.
“I think [Prince William] made an excellent choice. I think [Kate] is going to make a wonderful princess,” she enthused.
“She’s never made a wrong move or said anything wrong. She’s always been very careful and very discreet, and that’s going to do well for her in the future.
“I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders.”
Flewelling did say she feels sorry that Kate most likely will be compared to Diana at every turn, but feels Kate is very much her own person.
“She’s not going to let it get to her,” she reasoned. “And I think they are very much in love.”
To many it will be a fairy-tale wedding—the first time a commoner will become a queen-in-waiting.
This has caught the attention of 10-year-old Callahan Wiedenhoeft, who has plans to watch the wedding live on television.
“It’s just so neat that it’s a real story about a handsome prince marrying a nice and pretty girl who is going to turn into a princess,” she enthused.
“It’s not just a Disney movie this time. It’s a true story,” she stressed.
Wiedenhoeft, who is set to play the lead in St. Francis School’s rendition of “Sleeping Beauty” next week, is excited to play a princess.
“I am going to be just like Kate . . . when I have to wear a wedding dress and walk down the aisle with my prince,” she said.
“But there won’t be a million people watching me.”
The youngster added if she were able to attend the royal wedding in person, she would wear “one of those fancy hats they always wear over there with birds and feathers.”
Meanwhile, Pat Bird, who grew up in England, will be recording the royal wedding so she won’t miss anything, but indicated she may get up early to catch it live, as well.
“It’s interesting to look at everyone who arrives, and what their outfits and hats will look like,” she noted.
She recalls watching all the coverage of Diana and Charles’ wedding 30 years ago and is anxious to see what the newest one will entail.
“Everything’s being kept secret, so it will be interesting to see,” she remarked.
Bird will celebrate the big day by attending the “Royal Wedding Tea” being hosted by the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre.
The tea will run from 2-4 p.m., with party guests welcome to dress up and wear a fancy hat as would befit such a “royal” occasion.
Tea and scones will be served, and there also will be a review of the events of the wedding, along with live music and a draw.
Tickets are free, but must be picked up in advance from the library and just a few are left.
As well, the Fort Frances Museum is holding a fashion show of wedding dresses through the years to commemorate the royal wedding, which will run Friday from noon-2 p.m.
All are welcome to attend.