Local man seeks Green nomination

For the first time ever, residents of Rainy River District will have the chance to vote Green in the next federal election.
Mike Kemper, an aerial photographer and bush pilot who divides his time between his small farm in Miscampbell and a home in Remscheid, Germany, has announced he will seek the Green party nomination in the proposed new Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding.
In a phone interview from Germany, Kemper admitted if he wins the nomination, there is little chance he will win a seat in the House of Commons.
“I’m aiming for six percent [of the vote,]” he said. “My main aim this time around is to heighten awareness, let the voters know that there is a Green Party.”
Kemper added his intention is to make a name for himself now, so it will be familiar to people when he runs again in the next federal election.
Kemper said he estimated he has about a “one in 300” chance of taking the seat this time around, but with some effective campaigning, he could increase his chances to “one in 10” in the next election.
The Green Party of Canada adheres to six basic principles, which include social justice, ecological wisdom, and non-violence.
“Everybody is for non-violence,” explained Kemper, adding the Green Party puts such issues “at a higher level on the priority list.”
The Green Party of Canada is part of the Global Greens, with political parties is several countries around the world including Germany, where they have moderate support.
Kemper said he will return to Canada to campaign one month before the election date, once it is announced.
The Green Party’s nomination meeting is slated for March 10.
(Fort Frances Times)