Local lawyer agrees to licence revocation

Staff Writer
Natakli Trivuncic

According to an article released by the CBC, a former Fort Frances lawyer has agreed to have his license revoked, due to the misappropriation of client funds.

Wallace Robert Crowe will have to pay more than $26,000 to the Law Society of Ontario. Crowe has been ordered to pay the amount by November 2025 after a penalty hearing on Monday.

He will pay the money back to the society’s compensation fund, along with $3,000 in costs, the article says. In addition to this, his licence to practice law has been revoked. It has been suspended since 2016.

The article states that Crowe agreed with the society that he misappropriated funds, engaged in professional misconduct, failed to maintain proper records and books, and wrote cheques knowing there were insufficient funds to cover them.

In a quote provided by the CBC, Crowe said this has been weighing on him for a long time and he hopes to receive some closure to move forward. His statement was made before a decision was delivered by the law society panel.

In defending himself, Crowe said he had a gambling addiction and did not feel the situation was real at the time. He said it felt like a game and he was trying to figure it out and make ends meet.

Crowe said he is taking full responsibility for everything that has happened and that the investigation by the law society was the “best thing to ever happen to him.”