Local ladies attend convention

The 1998 Coffee Break/Story Hour Convention was held at Gordon College in Wenham, Wash., with more than 1,000 women from across North America, of all ages and walks of life, on hand for it.
This included ladies from the Emo Christian Reformed, including Gertie Boven, Betty Esselink, Cora VanSmeerdyk, Geneva Veldhuisen, Jeannette Veldhuisen, and Patty Woolsey.
Those attending were all there with one specific goal in mind–to brighten their lights so they can tell others of Jesus’ love.
The sectionals and mass meetings challenged delegates to step out of their comfort zones and spread their light into the darkness. As one of the speakers said, “One little light shining can produce a ripple effect like a small stone thrown in the pond.”
One of the most sung songs at the convention was “This Little Light of Mine.”
There also was a lunch at which all of the different regions met together and shared stories about their Coffee Break/Story Hour programs. This was a wonderful time of encouragement for everyone, the local delegates said, and also was helpful with any struggles there may be.
Tapes have been ordered from some of the sectionals and mass meetings, which should be available in the church library within the month. A bulletin board display will be put up in the fellowship hall for everyone to view.
The next Coffee Break/Story Hour Convention will take place in the year 2000 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Even though it is early yet, the local group attending this convention strongly encourage women to start thinking of going, especially those who have not yet attended one.
These conventions are such a blessed time of renewal and fellowship with other believers, added the local group of ladies who attended the one this year.