Local FireRanger crew sent to B.C.

The local Ministry of Natural Resources’ fire office over the weekend dispatched one three-person FireRanger crew to join more than 50 other firefighters from the region battling blazes that are scorching British Columbia.
More would have been sent if the local MNR fire headquarters had been convinced they could be spared, fire operations supervisor Gary Hartland said this morning.
“We have one of the highest hazards in the region right now,” he noted.
“Our weather panel says we should be getting some precipitation in the next few days, but we’re not in the same situation as some other parts of the region,” added Hartland, saying the fire hazard index currently is listed at “high” but surely is creeping toward “extreme” if there’s no relief quickly.
Hartland said the one local crew that was dispatched Saturday (Shawn Corrigan’s team, consisting of Corrigan, Josh McSweeney, and Tyler Herbert) may be joined by more if the fire hazard cools down here.
The Corrigan crew should return in 14-16 days.
The 50-plus MNR firefighters from this region are helping crews in B.C. battle blazes which have proliferated thanks to 40 C temperatures, low humidity, and high winds.
He added the local fire HQ has been “fortunate” that high humidity and light winds have dampened the fuse on a potential powder keg of fire activity.
Hartland said only one fire was reported in the Fort Frances District over the weekend—a small, recreation-caused blaze Saturday in a wooded area about 48 km north of here.
This was put “out” with little trouble, he noted.
There currently are no active fires in the Fort Frances District.
There is a total of 25 fires burning in the West Fire Region, most of which are listed as “under control” or “being observed.”^The latter are in the far north, where they do not pose a threat to any communities or land values.
In related news, another local FireRanger crew (Colin Wood’s team consisting of Wood, George Harrison, Amanda Ringham, and Terry Allan) is expected back here Thursday after being sent to Thompson, Man. a couple of weeks ago.
Another local crew will be sent to northern Manitoba to replace them.
While it is not uncommon for the local MNR fire HQ to send assistance elsewhere, the numbers this year have been nowhere near last summer.
At one point last August, five four-person FireRanger crews and four forest fire technicians from here were in Oregon combating a rash of significant blazes.
They fought alongside some 570 Canadian firefighters, which were part of a larger group of more than 7,000 men and women battling the blazes there.