Local DSSAB welcomes new chair, vice-chair

Press Release

The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board held its first meeting of 2019 on Jan. 17 at 6:30 p.m. at its office at 450 Scott St. in Fort Frances.
The first order of business was to elect a new chair and vice-chair for 2019, pursuant to legislative requirements.
CAO Dan McCormick is pleased to advise that Rainy River Mayor Deb Ewald was acclaimed as chair and Alberton Reeve Mike Ford was acclaimed as vice-chair.
The rest of the directors consists of the following members appointed by their municipality or elected within the Townships without Municipal Organization (TWOMO).
They include incumbents Colleen Fadden (Lake of the Woods Township), Bill Langner (Dawson), George Heyens (Morley), James Gibson (Chapple), Lori-Ann Shortreed (Emo), Ken McKinnon (La Vallee), Dennis Brown (Atikokan), Don Canfield (Central), and Robert Burns (East).
Andrew Hallikas (Fort Frances) is a new director while the West seat remains vacant.
“I look forward to leading our board through 2019 to renew our strategic plan, housing and homelessness plan, children’s services plan, [as well as] develop our budget and address any further changes or initiatives with the Ford government,” Ewald said.
“I am pleased to be able to return to the board after a short absence,” noted Ford.
“As always, we are in transition, which requires a strong board to ensure continued delivery of all our current services with the best outcomes for our citizens,” he stressed.
“2019 is shaping up to be yet another year of change [but] with this strong and experienced board, I trust that effective lobbying and planning will further improvements in services across our district,” said McCormick.