Local Conservatives choose candidate

Press Release

Linda Rydholm has been chosen as the Conservative Party candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River in this year’s federal election.
Rydholm is looking forward to joining Andrew Scheer’s Conservative team as she outlined her positive vision for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.
Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are going to help people get ahead–not just “get by.”
She also contrasted the top-down approach of the other political parties.
“The Conservatives initiate a real grassroots policy development process, and that Conservative MPs more often than any party represent the views and will of their constituents to provide democratic accountability to their respective ridings,” Rydholm said.
During her 18 years on Thunder Bay city council and nine years on the school board, Rydholm has observed the two Thunder Bay-area ridings tend to elect Liberals.
But with the ethical problems of this current Liberal government, she said the opportunity exists for residents to vote with Canadians in October for a Conservative government that won’t just stand up for taxpayers but bring accountability back to Ottawa.
Rydholm looks forward to meeting with residents throughout the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding.
She was born in Fort Frances, spent part of her childhood in Atikokan, and has lived in the Thunder Bay area, urban and rural, as a teenager and adult.
Her varied experiences as a city councillor, school trustee, doctor of chiropractic, dairy farmer, community activist, business owner, school teacher, church leader, wife, and mother help her to relate to people from various backgrounds.
Rydholm welcomes the opportunity to meet with individuals and groups during the election campaign, and hopefully afterwards as the MP for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.