Local church asking to dig well


The Church of the Holy Spirit is asking the town’s permission to dig a well at the church’s property at 1408 Eighth St. E.
In a letter from Eric Fagerdahl received by council at its regular meeting Monday night, he said the church will be applying to re-zone the property from “institutional” back to “residential” and sell it.
The problem is in order to sell the property, it must have water service.
The church purchased the property back in 2002 with the intention of building a church there. It rented the existing home on the property until 2004.
At that time, the church decided to move forward with a new building.
“This decision was short-lived when it was found that the water source for our property came from the Asplund home to the east of our property,” noted Fagerdahl.
The church then got a verbal quote from the town that it would cost around $100,000 to bring water to its property.
“There was no way to move forward with this extra cost,” said Fagerdahl, adding the church has since purchased another building in which to worship.
Late last year, Fagerdahl spoke with town managers and was informed the town is in the planning stages of completing the reconstruction of Mill Road from Elizabeth Street to Lake Road.
As such, that would be the time to have a watermain extension installed at a lower cost.
“This is good news, when it comes,” said Fagerdahl.
The church has an interested party that would like to purchase the land, but the water supply remains an issue.
“So my proposal to you would be that you grant permission to dig a well, and that the owner of the property would be obliged to tie into town water once the infrastructure is in place,” Fagerdahl asked on behalf of the church.
Council referred the letter to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for its recommendation.