Local bands

The Ukrainian Hall will be shaking tonight as rock and roll enthusiasts pile in to witness five local bands show just what they have.
Tugnut, Inabsentia, Publik Edukashun, Steve Lovisa, and Jeremy Wilson will be ready to show Fort Frances just what music is. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., with the show running from 7:30-10 p.m.
Refreshments will be available, along with merchandise at great prices.
Tugnut, who has to be the headliner in this line-up, has had a great run as they’ve been travelling to the States trying to spread their music around.
Playing in such places as Virginia, they’ll be heading to Thunder Bay on April 27 to open for Chore.
With Steve Vargas on lead vocals, the incredible guitar styling of Joe Egan, and the intense percussion of Mark Lovisa, it’s sure to be a great performance.
“Should be a great show,” said Egan. “It’s just great that these other bands are helping us raise funds because it’s expensive being a band.”
This will be Inabsentia’s first appearance since their live debut at the Fort Frances High School student council’s “Break Down the Walls” show in December.
Singing some great original tunes, this is a band that’s carved a niche in the local music scene.
There will be music for everyone as Publik Edukashun, a local punk band ranging from all over the district, amazes fans with their incredible stage presence and sound.
After his lyrical debut in December, Jeremy Wilson will be ready to put on a great show for all his screaming fans.
And Steve Lovisa will be on hand to show just why he’s one of the great young guitarists in the area.