Local artist again overseas


Local artist Connie Cuthbertson has gone overseas again on a self-described “artistic journey,” and has started a blog people can follow online.
Cuthbertson arrived in Florence, Italy last Friday and since then has been posting comments, photos of where she’s been, and sketches and paintings she’s done at conniecuthbertson.blogspot.ca
So far, she has explored the sights and sounds of Florence, travelled to the small ancient village of Lucca, and as of yesterday was painting the hills from the Montalcino region south of Sienna.
Here’s an excerpt from her May 9 blog entry regarding her trip from Florence to Sienna:
“It’s now Day 6 and I’m now on my way by train to Sienna. I must admit I am sorry to be leaving such a magical place, but I do know there will be many other incredible painting and writing opportunities ahead.
“My hotel in Florence was nice and close to the train station so I could just walk over.
“I love how these cities are so well-equipped to transport people. It’s very easy to get around and even though I did get lost several times, it always turned out to be a good thing.
“I found areas of Florence not starred on my map but for an artist, they were every bit, if not more beautiful as the main tourist locations were.
“Of course, I wanted to see those, as well, but for me it is all about finding that perfect cast shadow, interesting doorways, and as always the best restaurants are off the beaten path.
“Just follow the locals to see where they eat. You almost never see them eating in the main piazzas.”
Cuthbertson will be flying to Rhodes, Greece tomorrow.
“I have no plans for the rest of my stay but have a total of five weeks of exploring, painting, and writing,” she noted on the blog.
Over the past five years, Cuthbertson has gone to France, Italy, Greece, and Croatia to take photos, sketch, and paint, as well as work on her first book.
Cuthbertson put on an exhibit, “‘The Awakening’—Memories of Greece,” in November, 2008 after her first trip to Greece that spring.