‘Line Chain’ set for Sunday

Press Release

In Canada today, many forward-thinking people have been shocked by the successes of the strong anti-life movement.
These pro-death forces successfully have demanded government-funded abortion and continue to push for similar outcomes for euthanasia.
These are the only solutions they put forward for solving Canada’s many social problems—and all of this is at taxpayers’ expense.
The reality of these solutions is that it is a very costly direction to go, and it also creates other medical, social, and emotional problems in the future.
It also prevents more positive legislation from being brought forward.
This would allow funding to go to such life-affirming solutions as support for the expectant mother, her unborn child, and the father, too.
For end-of-life issues, instead of funding euthanasia, it would be far better to fund more palliative care and better support for the dying patient and their family at such a difficult time.
So, to raise public awareness and pray for good outcomes on these life issues, the annual “Life Chain” event will take place in Fort Frances this Sunday (Oct. 5).
Participants are asked to gather on the north side of Scott Street at 1:30 p.m. and spend an hour of silent prayer and public witness to end the dual tragedy of abortion and euthanasia.
It would be much appreciated if people could bring their own signs with such positive messages as “Adoption, the loving option,” “Unborn women have rights, too,” or even “Our children are our future, cherish them.”
People are asked to stand at least 20 feet apart from the intersection of Scott Street and Armit Avenue to (hopefully) the corner of Scott and Mowat.
The theme for silent prayer is for more life-affirming attitudes and actions from politicians, pastors, teachers, and parents—all those people with the power to change Canada from a pro-death society to one of positive attitudes and legislation which will support life.
For more info, call 274-5736.