Limit your alcohol consumption

Press Release

With the May long weekend just around the corner, many people are looking forward to some fun outdoor activities.
Whether you are visiting family and friends, camping, getting active, dining out, boating, heading to the cottage, or swimming, the Northwestern Health Unit would like to remind the public to have fun while making safe and healthy decisions.
“If your weekend plans include alcohol, you can reduce your risk of injury and chronic disease by limiting the amount of alcohol you drink,” said Randi Casey, a health promoter at the Northwestern Health Unit.
If you choose to drink, follow these safer drinking tips to reduce your risk of injury or harm:
•Set limits for yourself and stick to them. Drink slowly and follow Canada’s low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines.
•For every drink of alcohol, have one non-alcoholic drink (check out some fun “mocktail” recipes online).
•Eat before and while you are drinking.
•Always consider your age, body weight, and health problems that might suggest lower limits.
•Have a plan for a safe ride home, or be prepared to stay overnight.
•Never drink and drive—alcohol and motor vehicles of any kind do not mix.
•There is no safe level of alcohol consumption for a pregnant woman.
Overconsumption of alcohol is hard on your health.
It increases your risk for serious injury and for a variety of chronic illnesses later in life, including breast cancer, liver cancer, colon/rectal cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cirrhosis of the liver.
Drinking is a personal choice but drinking too much not only can cause long-term health effects, it can negatively affect your relationships with friends and family, your work life, or your home life.
If you are concerned that your drinking may be a problem, contact your health-care provider.
To learn more about low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines, visit