Life Chain event to be held this Sunday


A group of people will gather to line Scott St. this weekend against abortion and euthanasia.

Carole Mackintosh is one of the organizers for the Life Chain event taking place from 2:30-3:30 on Sunday. She says the event is an hour of peaceful protest, prayer and discussion against abortion.

Mackintosh says in years gone by the event has almost lined the whole of Scott St.

The repeal of Roe V. Wade ruling in the United States has thrust the abortion issue back into the spotlight. Mackintosh says she doesn’t see the benefit of repealing the ruling unless more funds are given to support the parents seeking abortions.

“There’s no point in doing that,” Mackintosh said. “If there’s no more funding for the mothers and the fathers who are desperate.”

Asked how she responds to people who call the anti-abortion movement anti-feminist, Mackintosh says she believes it’s just the opposite.

“These are unborn women,” she said. “We are fighting for women’s rights.”

The life chain group will be meeting at the corner of Scott St. and Victoria Ave. at 2:30 and will run along the north side of Scott as far west as there are people to participate.