Library survey seeking more input

Duane Hicks

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre still wants to hear from you.
The library launched a community survey at the end of July and while there’s been a good response, they’d like to hear from more area residents–including those who do not use the library–before the survey closes Oct. 6.
“We have had just over 150 responses and we are just starting to examine the results,” library CEO Caroline Goulding told the Times.
“Some early trends that have been identified include that most people feel welcome at the library and that people feel we play an important role in the community,” she noted.
“We have also learned a great deal about what type of community people want to live in,” added Goulding.
“This is especially important as once we know more about the goals of the community, we can work to ensure that the library’s programs and services support these goals,” she reasoned.
The majority of people who have responded to the survey are library users.
“We have had a lot of positive feedback about the library, as well as some excellent suggestions for improvements,” Goulding said.
“[But] we would love to hear from more non-users to learn about how we can better engage them,” she noted, clarifying that respondents do not have to be from Fort Frances.
The survey is available online at
It’s also available in print at the library’s main desk and the Sister Kennedy Centre here.
The survey is a way of ensuring the library is doing everything it can to meet the changing needs of the community–something to which it firmly is committed.
It also is part of the ongoing accreditation process the local library is engaged in.
To become accredited, the local library must meet a number of best practices as outlined within the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.