Library seeking input on new program

Duane Hicks

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre is planning to run weekly “Lunch and Learn” programs dealing with specific technologies starting next month—and now wants the public’s input as to what they would like to learn about.
Technology co-ordinator Raj Sritharan, who started the job last month, said the idea is to provide residents with a chance to spend a half-hour during their lunch break to get “a quick intro to technologies people are interested in.”
“During their lunch hour, they can come into the library and they can learn something that might be useful to them at their jobs or maybe at home, something interesting and useful to them,” he explained.
But Sritharan wants to know what people want to learn and tailor the “Lunch and Learn” sessions accordingly.
“Right now we’re hoping to start with Twitter, RSS, blogging—people have expressed interest in that,” he noted.
“Those are just some general technologies we’ll provide an intro to.
“But we’ll also have some specialized programs about online shopping, securing your Facebook privacy, that kind of thing,” added Sritharan.
“The using of existing technology in a better way.”
Those with ideas about the “Lunch and Learn” program are welcome to offer their input while at the library or via e-mail at
Initially, “Lunch and Learn” will run once a week but if it proves popular enough, Sritharan said it could be expanded.