Library promoting accessibility with shut-in book deliveries

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre posted on Facebook recently, reminding people that they deliver books to shut-ins (people confined indoors due to age, illness, or disability).

Nadine Cousineau has worked at the library for over nine years and says they’ve been doing shut-in deliveries since before she started.

“For us, it’s about accessibility,” she says. “Not everyone is able to physically come to the library, but we still want to be able to offer services to them in whatever way we can.”

The library also delivers a set of books to the local manors each month, giving them a mini library to enjoy. Cousineau says they have a set of about 50 books and the library swaps them out on the first Tuesday of every month.

Anyone homebound within town limits wanting book deliveries can call the library at 274-9879. A valid library card is still required.